Getting your company funded

You are an entrepreneur with a great idea.  Congratulations.  By now you have probably learned that it takes much more than just a great idea to grow a successful company.  It also takes the right team, with the right product, with the right sales and marketing plan, and enough capital to get you cash flow positive.  Capital is where we come in.

The Telluride Angel network is a group of accredited investors who have experienced success in the business world.  Now they are looking for young, exciting companies in which they can invest and share their entrepreneurial experiences.  That is where you come in.

You can apply to present your company and have your investment opportunity shared with our members if your company meets the following profile:

  • Early Stage Seed Funding:  Our typical company profile is one that is seeking $250K to $1MM of investment for its first round of funding or an expansion round.  Target pre-money valuations for first seed rounds range from $500K to $2MM or valuation with expansions rounds may go as high as $5MM 
  • Target Industries:  We have a diverse and broad Angel group across many industries so we do not limit ourselves to just technology.  We do, however, shy away from biotech and other heavy R&D companies that have long investment cycles and large up-front capital expenditures.
  • Strong Leadership Team:  You must have demonstrated industry experience and depth on the management team.
  • Return on Investment:  We look for companies that can demonstrate a market and growth plan that allows them to generate revenue and reach positive cash flow within two to three years.  Typically our Angel investors are looking for a 10x return on investment within 5 years.

Companies selected to present at our gatherings will be given 15 minutes to present their pitch deck.  A few questions may be taken during the presentation if time allows but there will be time after all presentations to meet with interested Angels, collect contact information and answer questions.  Also, because not all members attend every meeting, a brief summary of your opportunity will be distributed to all of our members electronically.  Angels interested in learning more can request your pitch deck that we will keep on file.

When Angels are interested in learning more about your company and the investment opportunity, they will follow up with you directly.  It will be up to you to schedule meetings with interested Angels and close your deals.

the application process

  • Complete the interest form below and you will receive a link to the full application.  Our application is hosted by If you don't already have an account in F6S, you will need to create one.  Expect to spend upwards of an hour to complete the application.  We ask you questions about your team and their background, the product, the market, your financial plan and your investment opportunity.
  • Once your application is submitted in F6S, it will be reviewed by a group of member advisors.  If you are accepted to present, you will be contacted by a coordinator to review the schedule, timing and presentation preparation.  You will be expected to turn in your pitch deck at least one week prior to the presentation and may be given feedback or given an opportunity to modify your pitch deck based on advisor comments.
  • If you are accepted to present, you will be responsible for your own travel and accommodations.  Generally, the meetings are in the morning so you should plan to be in Telluride by 8:00am the day of your presentation.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive funding from a presentation.  Each Angel makes independent decisions to invest.  There is no obligation for Angels to invest in your company.
  • Important Application Dates:

Pitch Day: December 30, 2016, applications due December 15, 2016

Take the next step with telluride angels

If you would like to present and have your investment opportunity shared with our Angel members, please complete the request form below.  You will receive a link to our application.   Thank you for your interest in Telluride Angels. 

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