What we do

Telluride Angels is a group of successful people with at least two common connections:  we all have an affinity for Telluride and its surrounding beauty and we all like to invest in young, exciting companies.  This organization facilitates the connection between accredited investors and promising startups to fund entrepreneurs with good ideas.  

We are located in Telluride, Colorado.  Telluride has long been known as a place of innovation and where talented people come to work and play.  After all, this is where Tesla made his break-throughs to invent alternating current electricity, giving Telluride claim to the first city in the world with AC powered street lights.  

Today, Telluride is not only known for our world-class ski resort, but we are also recognized as a place successful people from all walks of life call home or spend significant time.  The members of Telluride Angels come together to help fund great entrepreneurs with great ideas and lend their experience, connections and resources.

Companies must apply and are selected to present their investment opportunity to the group.  Although many of the companies that apply are from Colorado, the group is open to companies from anywhere in the country.  Companies are selected based on their early proof of concept, depth and experience of the management team, size and quality of the market and the overall presentation of the company.